domingo, 15 de março de 2009

64 to 1024

Evolution making stupid people
Everybody going down in a deep
They wanna let you to misery
And you are forced to creep

64 to 1024
Controlling me by the hours
Enchaining you to lour

Fucking computers at your residence
Letting human race to decadence
And constructing a generation of ignorance

I’m in a system with plugs on brain
And the acid of industries began to rain
To force us take medicines against the pain

64 to 1024
Keeping the riches on the last floor
Shattering existence of the poor

Mentally murder by analgesics
Buying Industrial fakes as generics
Obligating us to pay the pledge
To cut our ideas with a dangerous edge

64 to 1024
Exterminate the human race with machines

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